Multiplayer Challenges

The simplest connection mode, between two iOS devices is over Bluetooth (We don’t need internet connection, or a WIFI hotspot around). But, connection remains stable until the application is suspended. Unfortunately the specific of the iOS application states brings up some challenges. When an app is put in the background, after a time,  the application is suspended, and the network connection is disconnected. This wouldn’t be a problem if the connection could be restored easily when the application is activated. Unfortunately GameKit contained lot of issues, therefore the connection cannot be re-estabilished easily after the application is activated (also there were problems when the two devices simply doesn’t find each other). Therefore, for the iPad version of the game contained a simplified networking scheme: when the connection is dropped the game is ended. But this approach is not cool. After the application is put in the background, after a few seconds the game is terminated. This could affect even more the iPhone version, therefore multiplayer mode was not released with this version.


After iOS7 appeared, I decided to warm up this subject, and rewrite the networking part to have an auto-reconnect mechanism. GameKit contains some improvements, and after some enhancements and some code parts rewritten, it seems the earlier mentioned problems are solved. This module is ready, now is under tests, before the final release. In January there will be released a new networking scheme for the iPad version, and finally the multiplayer for iPhone will be ready. And yes, you will be able to play the game between an iPhone and iPad. 🙂 Be patient.

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