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Scoring is available for iPhone and iPad, and here are some details, how it is working. Considering the characteristics of the two game modes, the maximum achievable score will be different:

  • Commander Mode: Max 10 points
  • Admiral Mode: Max 20 points + bonus points

In every match, 4 categories (category score contributes to the main score in different ways in the two game modes):

  • Cleverness: max 3 points in Commander mode and max 4 points in Admiral Mode
  • Agility: max 3 points in Commander mode and max 6 points in Admiral Mode
  • Precision: max 2 points in Commander mode and max 5 points in Admiral Mode
  • Ammunition: max 2 points in Commander mode and max 5 points in Admiral Mode




For every category a value interval is set, and based on the achieved value, a score is calculated. Let’s consider an example, the easiest. Cleverness. This means, how many units were correctly highlighted. Our units will cover 24 cells on the board, so the maximum number of cells that can be correctly highlighted is 24 (Please note, that the incorrectly highlighted cell will reduce Cleverness value). So user can get Cleverness value between 0 and 24.
Now let’s see the corresponding score calculation. In Commander mode if the user achieves 20 as Cleverness value, he will get the maximum score (3 points for this mode), meanwhile in Admiral mode is enough to highlight correctly 15 cells he will get the maximum score (4 points for this mode). In Admiral Mode if all 24 cells are correctly highlighted, the user will get 2 extra bonus points.

The scoring intervals for the other three categories are:

  • Agility (turns used before victory): If 6/7* or less will result maximum score, 12/11 value for minimum score. In Admiral Mode if the win occurs in turn 6 or before, a bonus point will be given
  • Precision (number of cells covered by bombs – better if lower ): If 50/60* ore less will result maximum score, 70/80 ore more will result in minimum score. In Admiral Mode, if the user used less then 60 bombs, a bonus point will be given.
  • Ammunition (number of bombs available in the last turn): If 6/8* or more will result maximum score, 2/1 or below will result the minimum score. In Admiral Mode, if the user has more than 8 bombs in the last turn, a bonus point will be given.

* First value = Commander mode / Second value = Admiral Mode

Screenshot 2013.12.11 23.02.44 Screenshot 2013.12.11 23.02.52

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To make addictive a game, a clever scoring mechanism is needed. In battleship like games, usually the successfully won matches count is used. In some cases, the proportion between won/lost matches count is used.

My goal is to¬† implement something sophisticated. Instead simply counting won/lost matches, we could add a score which depends on how the game went. We can win like a sir, with almost all ships healthy, and all bombs available, or winning can result after pure luck. There are differences … How to catch that?

Which factors should be used and how? In the game, there are already some aspects which could be scored. For example: the users can highlight bombs on positions where they consider, there could be a ship (Yep, of course users which have a little experience, and they have formed the “filter view”, which I mentioned in my earlier post). So let’s take factors which we can use:

  • Highlighted positions: the ships can be located on 24 cells (from 100). If the user highlight correctly all of them – maximum score
  • Used turns: if the user wins the game using fewer turns we could give higher score
  • Remaining bombs: It’s matter, how many bombs could use the user, when the game ends. Maximum value here is 10
  • Thinking time: If the user consume less time in thinking we could add higher score
  • How efficient is the user: how many bombs are on board. Considering we have 100 cells it matters if the user could identify ships using less shots, or the board is almost filled with bombs to locate ships.

Because a few factors are relative, an optimal balancing is needed to get the winner combination. What is your opinion? Which factor is the most important, and how they should combined? What is your opinion?

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