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be·gin·ning /biˈginiNG/

Everything begun 20 years ago, when my Grandfather revealed a “new” version of the classic Battleship game. A clever one. Instead shooting blindly, we need to think in patterns. As you play more, you will see the board through a “special filter” and you will see where the ships can be. Liked a lot. I contaminated everybody with this game: other family members, friends and classmates. If you get comfortable with the game play it begins to be addictive. 🙂 It is fun…

A year ago I was thinking why to not implement this game for iOS. Sounds challenging. Because the paper on which we played could fit easily on an iPad I decided to write for this device type. After about a year of spare-time development, the game got little by little a nice shape, and it begins to look like an iPad game. It was fantastic. But it deserves a professional design. Quickly talked to a visual artist friend, and in few weeks the design was ready. As a result this year, the version for iPad was published in AppStore. It was time for iPhone. A lot of new challenges comes at this point. How to compress a UI which fits perfectly on an iPad to a small phone. Its not possible. After long thinking I had a cool idea. And few months later, the version for iPhone was released.

The project doesn’t ends here. No. Now is jumping to a new level. I have a lot of ideas in my mind, and if you like this project you can follow how this is evolving. Enjoy. 😉

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