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Two Player Mode Enhancements

Now you can play in Two Player Mode from your iPhone and iPad. Automatic reconnection also was implemented (the most wanted missing feature), now the application will try to reconnect automatically with peer’s device without any user interaction. Based on my tests I can notice that in some cases, connection over WiFi is less responsive, in this case the best solution is to turn off WiFi, and the connection will be established over Bluetooth. Also there are still some cases when the peer device cannot be discovered. In this case try to recreate the game, if doesn’t work try the same thing as before: switch to Bluetooth. (GameKit doesn’t allows to specify the connection order if Bluetooth and WiFi both are available)

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Scoring Details

Scoring is available for iPhone and iPad, and here are some details, how it is working. Considering the characteristics of the two game modes, the maximum achievable score will be different:

  • Commander Mode: Max 10 points
  • Admiral Mode: Max 20 points + bonus points

In every match, 4 categories (category score contributes to the main score in different ways in the two game modes):

  • Cleverness: max 3 points in Commander mode and max 4 points in Admiral Mode
  • Agility: max 3 points in Commander mode and max 6 points in Admiral Mode
  • Precision: max 2 points in Commander mode and max 5 points in Admiral Mode
  • Ammunition: max 2 points in Commander mode and max 5 points in Admiral Mode




For every category a value interval is set, and based on the achieved value, a score is calculated. Let’s consider an example, the easiest. Cleverness. This means, how many units were correctly highlighted. Our units will cover 24 cells on the board, so the maximum number of cells that can be correctly highlighted is 24 (Please note, that the incorrectly highlighted cell will reduce Cleverness value). So user can get Cleverness value between 0 and 24.
Now let’s see the corresponding score calculation. In Commander mode if the user achieves 20 as Cleverness value, he will get the maximum score (3 points for this mode), meanwhile in Admiral mode is enough to highlight correctly 15 cells he will get the maximum score (4 points for this mode). In Admiral Mode if all 24 cells are correctly highlighted, the user will get 2 extra bonus points.

The scoring intervals for the other three categories are:

  • Agility (turns used before victory): If 6/7* or less will result maximum score, 12/11 value for minimum score. In Admiral Mode if the win occurs in turn 6 or before, a bonus point will be given
  • Precision (number of cells covered by bombs – better if lower ): If 50/60* ore less will result maximum score, 70/80 ore more will result in minimum score. In Admiral Mode, if the user used less then 60 bombs, a bonus point will be given.
  • Ammunition (number of bombs available in the last turn): If 6/8* or more will result maximum score, 2/1 or below will result the minimum score. In Admiral Mode, if the user has more than 8 bombs in the last turn, a bonus point will be given.

* First value = Commander mode / Second value = Admiral Mode

Screenshot 2013.12.11 23.02.44 Screenshot 2013.12.11 23.02.52

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Game Center and Scoring

First phase of Game Center integration is almost ready, and scores can be saved in the Leader board (Yes, only one leaderboard will be used for simplicity). After a match, the player will get a score based on some factors. 4 categories will be considered, and the balanced values will contribute to a final score. Because the nature of two game modes (Commander, Admiral) differs, the maximum score that can be achieved will differ in two modes. Also, the players of the two modes will not be separated, there will be a single Leader board.

ImageNewbies can accommodate first with Commander mode, meanwhile the score is recorded, and after switching to Admiral mode, can increase the score faster (Admiral mode will result in higher scores and bonus points). In few weeks this feature will be released for iPhone.

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be·gin·ning /biˈginiNG/

Everything begun 20 years ago, when my Grandfather revealed a “new” version of the classic Battleship game. A clever one. Instead shooting blindly, we need to think in patterns. As you play more, you will see the board through a “special filter” and you will see where the ships can be. Liked a lot. I contaminated everybody with this game: other family members, friends and classmates. If you get comfortable with the game play it begins to be addictive. 🙂 It is fun…

A year ago I was thinking why to not implement this game for iOS. Sounds challenging. Because the paper on which we played could fit easily on an iPad I decided to write for this device type. After about a year of spare-time development, the game got little by little a nice shape, and it begins to look like an iPad game. It was fantastic. But it deserves a professional design. Quickly talked to a visual artist friend, and in few weeks the design was ready. As a result this year, the version for iPad was published in AppStore. It was time for iPhone. A lot of new challenges comes at this point. How to compress a UI which fits perfectly on an iPad to a small phone. Its not possible. After long thinking I had a cool idea. And few months later, the version for iPhone was released.

The project doesn’t ends here. No. Now is jumping to a new level. I have a lot of ideas in my mind, and if you like this project you can follow how this is evolving. Enjoy. 😉

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